Thursday, December 11, 2008

Birthday Boy


Well it's that time of year. It's my birthday, I'm 20 now. Another year under my belt. =] I hope everyone has an amazing day today. =] It's also Thursday. My birthday promise to myself is to go through my New Year's Resolution list and complete at least 25% of what I decide needs to be on my list.

Good luck to me... =]


Learn Spanish -.-
Learn to ride a motor bike.
Learn to type faster and correctly.
Learn how to make an origami elephant.
Get a fancy helicopter.
Play my guitar a whole lot more.
Learn to walk on my hands!
Find someone special and show them they are special.
Make at least 3 new friends.
Learn to Snow board.
Make a Snow Man.
Make a Snow Angel.
Go to a new city and ride the bus system.
Get an A in O-Chem.
Become a pro Ice Skater, well be able to do a jump is all I am looking for.
Read a book a month.
Study more effectively.
Get better at my job, learn about autism more.
Go scuba diving before the end of summer.
Fly Kites before February.
Make something cool and exciting.
Go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
Visit the Statue of Liberty.
Go to Alaska.
Ride in a Helicopter, or hot air balloon shaped like a panda bear.
Find a water fall.
Go to Mullahey.
Join another hip hop class.
Join a biking entourage.
No more than a soda a week. More More Water!
Learn to do a front flip.
Be a little more sensitive to others' feelings.
Write a letter and send it to someone, the postal service is nice.
Go see a concert of someone on my ipod.
Jump off something, and survive.
Parkour more.

Okay I think I am done with the Resolution List... =]

-Rikki Bower

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